University in Beiwristbands with a message cheapjing removes dean over sexual harassment

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Dai Songyuan, dean of the school of renewable energy in North China Electric Power University in Beijing, has been removed from his post over sexual harassment on Thursday. [Photo/]

North China Electric Power University in Beijing has removed from his post Dai Songyuan, dean of the school of renewable energy, after he was accused of sexually harassing a teacher and students at the school.

The school has suspended Dai, 52, on March 20 after it received reports of misconduct, and after an initial investigation, it decided to remove him from his post, the school said on Thursday.

One netizen posted screenshots of a WeChat chat history on Sina Weibo on March 9, accusing Dai of sexually harassing a female teacher at the school.

In the post, Dai was seen video chatting with the teacher and showing the teacher his genitals.

The same netizen added another post a day later of chat history showing the teacher begging Dai to let her go. The teacher was pregnant and Dai tried to force her to get an abortion. She became severely depressed and tried to commit suicide several times, according to the post.

Later, other netizens posted screenshots of chat histories of Dai sexually harassing students and sending them pictures of his genitals.

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